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Why is hentai anime porn gaining popularity?

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Many people wonder - why is hentai anime porn gaining so much popularity? Until recently, according to statistics, people preferred to watch porn with famous porn actors and mostly actresses. Sexy hot babes with curvaceous curves and sweet voices. What could be better, you ask? But, with the introduction of the animation giants, many people began to prefer 2D style porn animation. Such animation is called among the population - "Hentai", and is translated from Japanese as "porn". Anime has long been popular with many countries around the world. Former CIS countries, Europe, USA, countries of the Middle East and even the Far East. But the first 2D anime-style pornographic animation didn't appear until 1984. Its popularity was very low and it only happened in pirated versions on the Internet. But, after the improvement of the drawing with the addition of the plot, the growth in the popularity of hentai began to increase significantly. So what's the secret? Let's figure it out together.

Top 4 reasons in personal opinion about the popularity of HENTAI

  1. An interesting plot

Let's not forget that every sex has its beginning and end, even among popular porn actors. But due to the long process, people cannot grasp the essence and reason for their sex. 60% of porn videos starts out of nothing, and ends at all unknown. Thank you if you give at least an interview with people who will tell you themselves. And if it is not? Uniformity and boredom are the main indicators of porn today. The higher the quality, the less interesting it becomes to watch. Simulated emotions, fake voices, very long and sometimes even vile preludes. But in hentai things are very different. Sometimes so much happens in one episode that sometimes you even forget, but are you watching hentai or a full-fledged title with your own storyline?

  1. Beautiful characters

Let's not be honest - beauty has become the main part of the modern world. And if in the porn industry only professional actors can boast of such forms through plastic surgery, then in hentai anime just all the characters, usually even male ones, have beautiful bodies and faces of Greek gods. For every taste and color. Sexy blondes with big breasts and mouth-watering asses? No problem. A cute hickey girl with small breasts and very shy? Receive and sign. Step brothers and sisters? Sure, not a problem! A variety of looks can satisfy the tastes of absolutely any person!

  1. Genres

Another of the most important facts. No seriously. Have you ever seen really good porn featuring, say, not people, but monsters? Just imagine. A beautiful girl with an appetizing body fell into the clutches of some aliens with long dicks. Isn't that just another reason to watch? Animation has no limits and restrictions. If in real porn again everything is pretty the same - house / gym / house. It is good if it is still in good quality. That in hentai porn anime just the same goes a kind of huge amount of variety! Hentai with some girl who is fucked by two big guys from planet X? Or maybe even the furies who found the unfortunate guy near the coast? There will definitely be comrades here for taste and color!

  1. Beautiful animation

Let's not argue, the human bodies of even the most ideal people are not perfect. Sometimes you come across this kind of porn, which makes you sick better than sour milk. For real perverts with obvious shifts, this is definitely suitable. But what about people who just wanted to relax? Shattered holes scary to look at. Saggy bodies. To make matters worse, homemade porn of two drunks who just wanted to make some money. What can not be said about hentai animation, where the eyes are happy about everything and you can calmly relax. There will be no burping or kicking. A process with its own plot, which is pleasant to watch. And most importantly, hentai porn is usually in HD quality!

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What conclusion can we add?

It is not for nothing that hentai animation began to gain such popularity. An interesting and varied plot. Genres for every taste and color. Beautiful and varied characters. Of course, their figures, not only girls, but also men. Ladies of the modern world, after all, also do not mind admiring the beautiful and pumped-up Greek god who is fucked by a hot, leggy beauty in every sense, right? Therefore, we can say with confidence that hentai porn animation is suitable for people of different ages and tastes. It remains only to find something for yourself and wish you only a pleasant viewing!

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